• Wedding Car Ribbon Lavender

Decorate your wedding cars with our rain proof wedding car ribbon. Made from waterproof (Polypropylene) - a firmer ribbon, measuring 5cm wide x 6m long. Each ribbon will decorate one car. Suitable for cars, decorations etc. Each ribbon is enough to cover one car, coach, limousine, hummer etc.

This video by Steve from www.acelimo.com.au will help you to see how to tie the wedding car ribbon to your car.

HINT: How To Attach Ribbon to Wedding Cars Pass the end of the ribbon through the central bars in the front grill or through the bonnet catch (close bonnet gently or ribbon may snap). Pull enough ribbon through to reach the sun visors on both sides of the car. Tie the end of the ribbon to the bar holding the visor (door should be open - you can tuck the end of the ribbon under the visor to keep it out the way) Do the same on the other side with the other end of ribbon - be sure sure to keep the ribbon quite taught as a loose ribbon will fly about when driving and cause an obstruction to the driver or will snap. Try not to slam the doors too much as this will snap the ribbon too!

PLEASE NOTE:Current Production time is 3 weeks . ALL Items are made to order, additionally most accessories that require customisation are not kept onshore. To avoid disappointment of your order not arriving in time for your wedding, please do not order if your wedding is less than 8 weeks away. If your order is urgent, or you require a "last minute" purchase please email: sales@thebridesgarter.com.au and we will endeavor to help you with your request.

Wedding Car Ribbon Lavender

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