When you place a layby with The Bride's Garter, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.
Layby is available for all orders, no minimum required.

1. Payments
Payment plans are normally structured for the upcoming or subsequent Friday. However, you are free to tell us what frequency of payments you would like and when you would like them to start. Your LayBy Deposit is 20% of your order total and is not refundable, due to the cost associated with the setup costs of the plan and other administration activities. This cost is FREE upon your completion of your LayBy with our Company.
2. Personalised items will not be completed until you have reached 50% of your payments of the total order.
Payments on Public Holidays
Where your payment is due on a public holiday than it is acceptable that your payment is made by the next working day after the public holiday. The Bride's Garter is located in Brisbane, QLD, therefore we observe all QLD public holidays
3. Missed payments
If you miss a payment we will automatically recalculate and slightly increase future payments on your behalf so that your order is fully paid by the Final Payment Date.  We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of $5.00 if a payment fails to occur within your periodic payment schedule as advised in the “Payment start date” of The Bride's Garter terms and conditions.
4. Cancellation policy
If you are unable to keep up your payments for any reason, please contact our friendly Customer Service Representatives on (1300) 883 371 as soon as possible to discuss the options that are available to you. In most cases, a cancellation fee of between $12.50 & $35.00 will apply. Our priority is to make sure that if now is not the best time for you to LayBy with us than we make it as easy as possible to resolve your account to take any worry off you.
These options might include cancelling your order. If your order is cancelled, cancellation charges will apply, in which case, a fee will be charged as follows:
Once your Layby debit plan has commenced after 7 calendar days the cooling of period has expired.  A 10% cancellation fee of the full purchase price of your LayBy will be payable when cancellation occurs. If in the event that your repayments do not cover the $35 cancellation fee plus the 10% cancellation fee of the full price of your layby, The Bride's Garter can forward your layby agreement to a collection agency to recover the debt. Any additional fees and charges by our chosen debt collection agency may then also be made payable.
If your order includes a personalised item, there will be no refunds. Personalised items are made individually as per requests and these are done usually by a third party company. Payment for these services are beyond any control of The Bride's Garter.
The Bride's Garter will allow you to cancel your order within 7 calendar days of the date of your original order confirmation ("Cooling off Period"). Within this Cooling off Period, there will be a administration cancellation fee $35.00 as stated above to cover any costs incurred by The Bride's Garter.

Please note that:- If The Bride's Garter has made the purchase on your behalf than higher fees and charges will apply.

Cancellation will incur a 10% cancellation fee of the total of your layby plus a $35 administrative cancellation fee. If you have reached 50% of the lay by payment schedule, Cancellation fees can be pursued up to the full purchase price, once your LayBy has been either started after 7 calendar days or between 100% completed.
5. Pricing & GST
All prices on the website include GST. All weekly payments are rounded off to the nearest cent. No obvious errors in pricing shall be honoured.
6. Delivery
Shipping & Handling Fees
Shipping and Handling Charges are calculated at the checkout prior to completing your order, you will be aware of these, and have the option to choose your preferred shipping method prior to completing your layby, no additional shipping or handling fees will be charged once you confirm your order. For more information visit our shipping page
Delivery - Change of address
Should your delivery address change, please inform The Bride's Garter immediately. If a delivery address is changed after the Final Payment Date, The Bride's Garter reserves the right to charge an administration fee. This will be inclusive of change of address outside of Australia as shipping costs are substantially more.
7. Returns
We will gladly replace items should a product be damaged in transit or is faulty in accordance with our legal responsibilities as a merchant. We will not make a refund on damaged or faulty goods; we will instead replace the same item or the equivalent technology. We are unable to accept returns for other reasons such as if you have changed your mind or have made an incorrect choice about the product and no longer wish to keep it.
8. Legalities
By accepting these Terms & Conditions you acknowledge that you have engaged in a formal and legally binding contract regardless of this agreement being electronic. This contract does not require your wet signature in order to be legal. You have by accepting these Terms & Conditions entered into this legal binding contract & have acknowledged that The Bride's Garter has all rights in pursuing all legal avenues to recoup costs for reasonable given circumstances. Example being the purchase of products you have ordered that are now being held as debt by the Company.
9. Other

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you are liable to execute your responsibilities to The Bride's Garter as per your total order amount.  Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the recovery of expenses incurred by The Bride's Garter.
The Bride's Garter contract becomes valid when you the customer selects to accept the Terms & Conditions agreement - this acceptance is made when selecting "layBy" as your payment method. Each contract is governed by the national consumer law: the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
A full copy of our privacy policy can be found on our web site under the link Privacy Notice.
Errors, Omissions and Images
All efforts have been made to check for errors and omissions in typography and photography. However, inadvertent errors may occur for which The Bride's Garter will not be responsible. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.
10. All reasonable efforts have been made for you the consumer in this LayBy process and our terms and conditions must be read carefully before proceeding to commit to buy.
11. The Bride's Garter reserves all rights to update and change terms and conditions at will. These changes are applicable for all The Bride's Garter customers.

12. Disagreements and your responsibilities as a potential customer who has placed an order with The Bride's Garter
All refuted claims or disagreements arguments or any issue at all that will be detrimental to The Bride's Garter must be dealt with directly with The Bride's Garter in the first several  (up to 7) instances for resolution.  Any customers  and all customers whom place an order with The Bride's Garter , who commits to make a purchase or places an order is obligated to these terms and conditions, this is inclusive of customers whom select and order a product and do not complete financial transactions (debit payments or anything financial in regards to The Bride's Garter ) . This includes customers who do and don't make a purchase or cancel within the cooling off period (7 Calendar days) regardless will be sued for damages incurred by bad publicity. This clause is to protect both The Bride's Garter and you as a consumer.  This clause is very clear, if you place an order with The Bride's Garter and use detrimental information to our Company in any way shape or form, then you will be sued regardless of any stated legislation & damages compensation within the world.  Any person, body, group, company, business or anyone will be sued for a minimum of $1,000,000 Australian dollars for breaching this agreement.

13. Our Companies protection
All of the above elements that are outlined in section 1 to 12 are applicable. If your order is cancelled, altered or disputed than this clause is to ensure without a doubt that your order is applicable to all of these sections of these terms and conditions including paramount point 13. The Bride's Garter Company has full rights to exercise our rights for compensation regardless of laws within Australia. By accepting these terms and conditions regardless of being an electronic web-based purchase, or you are placing an order on behalf of another representative,  anyone who places an order with our company etc is liable to these terms and conditions. The argument in a court within Australia will be understood as per these terms and conditions.
How it Works
How our Lay-By System works?
1.You select the products you want to Lay-By or Buy Now from the store.
2.Choose to Buy Now or add to cart.
3.You will then be directed to the shopping cart then you can go to the checkout.
4. Select your shipping method for when payments are completed.
5.Select the LayBy option to start the LayBy Agreement, your payment options can be either by depositing money to the Bank Account Provided, or send a Money Order to address shown in the order confirmation email.
6.Dispatch & deliver your products immediately if you choose Buy Now or we deliver your Lay-By products in line with your last Lay-By payment.
Basic Principal
The Bride's Garter has been created to give you flexibility and convenience that is not available in the marketplace today. LayBy online for your wedding!
Typical LayBy terms are usually anywhere from 1 to 3 months however once you create your LayBy it is usually difficult to find the time to get back to the store in order to make regular payments. This usually leads to having to make a large lump sum payment on the due date which sometimes coincides with those necessary bills such as the Electricity, Phone, Gas and Water.
Weddings are an expensive event regardless of how much you try and cut your cost. By using the Bride's Garter to lay-by your wedding decorations and apparel will help you to budget for your wedding accordingly. With regular set instalment amounts and low administration fee (less than 10% of the total order) you always know what you need to pay. You choose to pay the set instalment amount whether you choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Provided The Bride's Garter is advised of the frequency of payment, you can rest assured your order will be ready in time for your wedding.
At The Bride's Garter, you have that flexibility and convenience you need because you can LayBy up to 12 months.
Using The Bride's Garter avoids that last minute inconvenience of running around to pay all of your wedding necessities.
What The Bride's Garter offers you:

Free Shipping on orders over $250
Affordability with low prices with Buy Now or weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments
Easy payment plans as you have never seen before!
Flexibility and convenience
No hidden fees
Start at any time
100% Australian owned
Easily contactable
Disciplined approach to buying luxury items
Money back guarantee
We promise to deliver your products on time
Your satisfaction is what we continually strive to achieve. We are not just another online store; we are about providing top quality bridal products with flexibility and convenience in an affordable manner. We are easily contactable so if you want to speak to one of our friendly staff we will answer all of your questions. We want to engage our customers and get your feedback on the types of products and services you want.